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Beauty Leather
Beauty Leather gives you the widest selection of Leather Fashion, Leather Motorbike and Working Gloves, Sports Wears & Safety Products. Have an estimate by contact us.!


       Size Chart  

For Women:- 

Jackets & Vests :

 All we need is your Bust Measurement. Please follow picture while taking your bust measurement to ensure correct size.
Bust Measurement:

With arms relaxed at your sides, measure the fullest part of your bust. Keep the tape parallel to the floor for the best results.
Belly Measurement: 

If your chest is smaller than your belly then we need your belly measurement as well. 

For Men:- 

Jackets & Vests: 

It is best to take your measurements over undergarments. 


With arms relaxed at sides, measure directly under your arms around the fullest part of your chest and shoulder blades, keeping tape parallel to floor. Jacket sizes correspond to your chest size (i.e., if you have a 38" chest, you would wear a size 38 Jacket). 

Waist/Belly Measurement: 

If your chest is smaller than your waist then we need your waist measurement as well. Measure around your natural waist at the height you normally wear your pants.